Concept predesign of a replica steamlocomotive
type HSM 806-812/ NS 5806-5812


This website is designed to provide information on the preliminary draft of a replica of a tanklokomotive of the series 806-812 of the Holland IJzeren Spoorweg Maatschappij (HSM) The preliminary draft is part of the work required for an eventual realization of an operational steam locomotive during the anniversary of 175 years of Railways in the Netherlands in 2014, an example from 1915 fits this.

The secondary aim of this project is to arouse interest in working in engineering and other technical environments, such an object could therefore be very appealing.

Keywords: price, order of magnitude: 60,000 kilos of steel to be processed at 35 euro / kilo: 2.100.000 euro.
Realisation: Projectorganisation HSM 814
Hoped-for realisation date:      summer 2014
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The proposed replica

lok tekening

May 2012
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